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Admission to Higher Semesters



If you wish to receive admission to a higher semester in a degree program at the University of Freiburg, you first need to determine whether admission to this degree program is restricted in higher semesters or not. You’ll find this information in the description of your chosen field on the list of fields of study.


Is admission to the degree program NOT restricted in higher semesters?

Please submit your documents via the application portal of the University of Freiburg. Before doing so, please contact the study program coordination/study advisor of the relevant study program in order to clarify with them, on the basis of your previous academic achievements, whether you can be placed in a higher semester and, if so, in which semester. You then apply for a placement certificate via the respective examination board, which contains a placement in a higher subject-related semester as well as a credit for the periods of study. The study program coordination as well as the responsible examination board is indicated in the list of subjects under the heading "Advising". Please enclose the placement certificate with your application for admission. After the documents have been checked, you will receive a notification of admission in the Campus Management Portal. If the placement certificate has not yet been issued at the time of application, it must be presented at the time of matriculation. The notification of admission then contains the presentation of the placement certificate as a condition.

You then apply for online matriculation in the application portal within the enrollment deadline and submit the placement certificate and all other documents required for matriculation by mail.


Is admission to the degree program restricted in higher semesters?

Then apply for this degree program within the application deadline. The application is made via the application portal.

In these study programs, you can only be admitted in the higher semester if you meet the criteria for higher semesters set out in the selection statutes. This will be checked during the selection procedure for higher semesters. You upload the documents on your achievements to date in the application portal. You will find the selection statutes in the list of subjects for your desired study program under "Statutes". Further information on applying for a higher semester can be found in the current information sheet [de].