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Allocation of Study Places through


The central place allocation procedure of the Foundation for University Admissions /

Hochschulstart is a service platform of the Foundation for University Admissions (SfH). It is responsible for carrying out the central allocation procedure for study places with restricted admissions for the 1st semester throughout Germany. At the University of Freiburg, these are currently the subjects:

Human medicine*

* Applications for this subject are only accepted for each winter semester

For more information on the procedure for human medicine, pharmacy and dentistry, please contact


Please note

  • In the selection process for Human Medicine and Dentistry, the results of the Test for Medical Studies (TMS) are taken into account, among other things.
    The Test for Medical Studies (TMS) will play a major role in the "Additional Aptitude Quota" (also in the transitional period 2020/21 and 2021/22 for those who have already applied) and in the "University Selection Procedure" (AdH) quota, which is why we strongly advise you to take part. Further information here and here Humanmedizin und Zahnmedizin
  • The "Study Aptitude Test for Pharmacy Studies (PhaST)" plays a key role in the application procedure for the Pharmacy programme. We therefore advise you to take part. You can register for the test here

Prioritisation of study preferences

If you submit more than one application for the central allocation procedure, e.g. for different study locations, then you must prioritise your study preferences by 22 January for the summer semester and by 22 July for the winter semester at the latest. Why prioritise? The order of your submitted applications reflects your preferences. It is therefore important that you sort the applications in your overview according to your preferences. Hochschulstart calls this process "prioritising". Low-priority applications are eliminated as soon as a higher-priority offer becomes available - so always prioritise your desired course of study at the University of Freiburg highly! Find out more at

Application deadline at

The current application deadlines can also be found on the website of

Winter semester 2022/2023

For old high school graduates (applicants who obtained their university entrance qualification before 16 January 2022): 25 April - 31 May 2022

For Abitur students who acquired their university entrance qualification after 15 January 2022: 01 June - 15 July 2022

Summer semester 2023

The application deadline for the summer semester 2023 (in Freiburg only possible for Dentistry) is 15 January for all applicants.

The application forms from can be found on the Internet at

Note for applicants for a second degree

If you would like to claim academic reasons for your second degree, you must request an expert opinion. On the Hochschulstart website you will find information from Hochschulstart and the form "Aufnahme eines Zweitstudiums aus wissenschaftlichen Gründen" (admission to a second degree programme for academic reasons). Please send the completed form with the requested documents to the following address:


Albert Ludwig University Freiburg

Service Centre Studies

Student Administration Office

Sedan Street 6

79098 Freiburg