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EPICUR - The European University





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What is a European University?

The vision of bringing together a new generation of creative and well-educated Europeans across national borders, who are tackling current social challenges of our time using different lan-guages, as well as a transdisciplinary approach in the context of mobile and innovative teaching and learning formats, forms the foundation of the European University alliance EPICUR.
The University of Freiburg has been a member of EPICUR, the European University, since 2019 and is therefore – beyond Eucor – involved in another strong European network.






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What does EPICUR do?

EPICUR (European Partnership for an Innovative Campus Unifying Regions) is a European University Alliance aiming to make the vision of an interdisciplinary, diverse and sustainable European University come true. EPICUR faces complex challenges and aims to reinforce Europe-wide cooperation.

Besides the University of Freiburg, 8 other European partner Universities from a total of 7 different countries of the European Union, are involved in EPICUR.

EPICUR Research, a program for early career scientists, has also been part of EPICUR since the beginning of 2021.






You can find further information about EPICUR here in Freiburg on our Information page for the European University.


EPICUR activities you can participate in


EPICUR is offering the following opportunities

  • Innovative, transdisciplinary learning and teaching formats, inspired by the  Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) approach
  • Internship opportunities at (regional) commercial, industrial, political, cultural and civil partners, as well as research internships
  • Uncomplicated (virtual) mobility and blended-learning via the EPICUR Campus
  • Participation in all steps of the project
  • Student networking
  • Events such as forums, festivals, workshops, challenges, etc.


Get involved! We are looking for motivated students to join our EPICUR Student Task Force Freiburg. You can find more information here.


Have we got you hooked?
Feel free to get in touch with other interested students in our virtual ILIAS-room. You are also welcome to direct any questions to our project team at:

Do you want to be kept up to date? Subsribe to the general EPICUR Newsletter here.


Be EPICURious!



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