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DAAD Hilde Domin Program for Students at Risk

Thank you very much for your interest in studying at the University of Freiburg through the Hilde Domin Program, a scholarship program for students at risk offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).



Please note that the University of Freiburg can only nominate students for a scholarship with DAAD’s Hilde Domin Program who meet the following requirements:


(a) You are already enrolled at the University of Freiburg in a study program or a PhD program;

(b) You have already applied successfully for a place of study / as a PhD candidate at the University of Freiburg and you have received an admission letter/letter of acceptance;

(c) You are in possession of a statement of comparability  issued either by Uni.assist  (for your university entrance qualification) or by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB)  (for prior university degrees).


If any of these three requirements apply for you please submit all of the following documents via email:

(1) Your certificate of enrolment (requirement a) or your admission letter/letter of acceptance (requirement b) or the statement of comparability issued by Uni.assist or ZAB (requirement c).

(2) A copy of your university entry examination as well as information about prior university degrees, if applicable.

(3) Sufficient proof that you are at risk in your home country (personal statement, summary of documents, letters, emails, reports, or similar).


Unfortunately, we cannot answer your request for nomination if you do not meet the criteria mentioned above or if the information you have submitted is incomplete.



International Admissions and Services


Please also refer to DAAD’s Hilde Domin Program website for further information.