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Housing: Where can I live?

Student‘s residence

The Student Services Freiburg (Studierendenwerk SWFR) offers rooms in various student residences. The rooms are always rented out for a whole semester (winter semester: October 1 to March 31, summer semester: April 1 to September 30). Applications are submitted online.

Program rooms

Program rooms are rooms in student residences that are only available for certain study programmes (e.g. Erasmus) or other international students. These rooms are fully furnished and are rented out for one or at most two semesters. You can also find more information here.


Freiburg Global Exchange

As an exchange student in the program Freiburg Global Exchange, you are guaranteed a room in a student residence if you apply for it in your application.


Service Package for international students

The Student Services Freiburg offers a service package especially for international students which includes a furnished room in a student residence, a health insurance, intensive personal support by international student residence tutors, membership in the International Club and much more.

Housing database for guest researchers, professors, lecturers and doctoral students

The International Office maintains a database of accommodation for guest researchers, professors, lecturers, doctoral students and international students.

Contact person:

Silvia Kühnle
Rectorate, ground floor, room 00 010

Private rental market


Links for the housing search in Freiburg and the region








Zypresse online

Asta (u-Asta)



Badische Zeitung


Up to date information on the availability of additional free private appartments and rooms in Freiburg and the surrounds can be found in the daily and weekly newspapers, such as the Badische Zeitung (, Schnapp (, Zypresse (


Abbreviation in requests:

KM=Kaltmiete= rent exclusive of heating and other additional costs

OG= Obergeschoss= upper floor

DG= Dachgeschoss= top floor

350 Euro + NK = 350 Euro Kaltmiete plus additional costs

Wfl. = habitable surface (in square meter)


Dormitories funded by religious organizations:


Collegium Sapientiae

Evangelisches Studentenwohnheim

Katholische Studentenwohnheime



Places to stay on short notice



Blackforest Hostel

Housing For Help

Housing For Help” is a Student Services program that brings together students looking for a room and landlords who are looking for help in the household in housing partnerships.