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Studying at the University of Freiburg

Important dates, deadlines and events

Welcome Days for international students

The International Office organizes special welcome days to prepare new international students for their studies at the University of Freiburg.

Register online:


Semester dates and teaching periods

Until Summer Semester 2022

Deadlines and events

Matriculation, Lottery Procedures, Registration, Applying for Studies; Events for students and graduates


UniCard, Uni- Account, IT- Service



The UniCard is your student identification as well as a multi-functional chip card (cashless payment, library card, key card for accessing buildings, …)


Uni-Account – Your personal user identification

After matriculation, you will receive an e-mail and letter with your username (your initials and a random number) and initial password for your Uni-Account. You need to activate your Uni- Account at myAccount by changing your initial password to a personalized password.

With the Uni- Account you have access to important central services of the University and the IT-Services: CampusManagement HISinOne (online course catalog, register for courses, enroll for exams, certificate of study, transcript of records), University WLAN, University email, learning platform ILIAS, literature database and more. Additionally you have access to the computer pool rooms, printers and scanners.

University IT- Service (Rechenzentrum)

The University IT Services (Rechenzentrum) will help you navigate Freiburg University’s IT systems.


Useful links of the Rechenzentrum (RZ)





CampusManagement (Online course catalog)

VPN Introduction

Learning platform ILIAS

University WLAN

Courses offered at the University IT Services


Campus management wiki


Course catalog, find courses and enroll

Course catalog

In the course catalog (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) you find all lectures, seminars and courses of the University of Freiburg. In case the information about the ECTS credit points course is not listed at the catalog you usually find the information how many credits will be awarded for a given course at the homepage of the department or you contact the related departmental coordinator.
The course catalog for winter term is going to be online in the end of July, the course catalog for summer term in the end of February. If you want to inform yourself about the courses prior to that you can take a look at the course catolog of the previous semesters: a lot of courses (but not all of them) take place either every winter term or every summer term. Usually they also have the same course number.

Registration for courses

Procedures for registering for courses vary from department to department (i.e. register online or register directly with the lecturer). It is therefore important that you read the information on the relevant department websites or get in contact with your departmental coordinator to find out about the registration procedure at your department. For most departments, registration runs via CampusManagement HISinOne. Without registration you cannot participate in the course. Please note the respective registration period, which may vary from course to course.

How register for courses?

How to enroll for examinations and non-graded works?

Attention! For exams and non-graded works you must enroll separately on HISinOne in addition to the course registration.

For a short video tutorial on how to select and register for courses click here. For more information about the exam registration click here.

Counseling for questions about your studies

The Central Academic Advising

The Central Academic Advising Office (ZSB) is available to help you with all problems and questions that may arise before, during, or after your studies.

Departmental academic advising

One of the responsibilities of the faculties and departments is to provide subject specific academic advising. In a number of faculties, you will be advised by faculty assistants on examination regulations, subject combinations, questions on program structure, program or subject changes as well as second and parallel studies.


Departmental student committees

The “Fachschaft” is made up of student members and deals with students concerns in relation to their faculty and studies as well as social support and support for the intellectual, musical and sporting interests of the students. Information on contact persons, and the place and times of the Fachschaft meetings can be found at the notices on the bulletin boards in the appropriate subject area.


Re-register for the second semester, changing fields

As you are only enrolled for one semester at a time, it is very important that you renew your registration for the second semester if you are planning to stay for a year.

If you do not renew you will be automatically ex-matriculated for the next semester!

Changing Fields/Changing Courses of Study

You cannot find your enrollment certificate: Watch this short video tutorial.

Transcript of records

The Transcript of Records lists all courses you have taken at the University of Freiburg, the number of ECTS points you have earned, and the grade you received. Please keep in mind your own responsibility for issuing a transcript. The transcript must be officially confirmed by a stamp and signature. If necessary, contact the International Office or your program coordinator well in advance of your departure.

You can download the transcript at HISinOne. How to get the transcript you find out here.


Students who do not want to continue studying at the University of Freiburg, have to apply for exmatriculation.

More information

Please make sure, when you are leaving Freiburg that you announce your departure at the Residence Registration Office, cancel your health insurance policy (and give back your health insurance card) and close your bank account.

For more information click here

Freiburg’s library system

University Library (UB)

Campus Libraries

Public Library of the City of Freiburg