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The DAAD and the DAAD-PROMOS program

The DAAD is the biggest organisation regarding grants and scholarships for the international exchange of students and researchers worldwide. It awards scholarships for study courses, research projects, internships and Teaching Assistances (T.A.). The application is usually carried out online at the DAAD’s registered office in Bonn. It is possible that the application deadline ends more than one year before your planned stay abroad. For the DAAD-PROMOS program, the DAAD grants financial resources to German universities for short stays, which the universities may assign to the students of their choice. Therefore, your application for a DAAD-PROMOS scholarship will take place directly at the University of Freiburg’s International Office. Please note that not all short-term-scholarships offered by the DAAD can be found on the Homepage of the International Office. Some of short-term scholarships have also remained directly with the DAAD. We recommend you to visit the DAAD’s homepage in order to find out more about possible scholarships for your needs.


The Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM strives to support the exchange of highly qualified German and international students. With this program, it is possible to finance e.g. study visits for students of the University of Freiburg, who wish to study at a partner university abroad, which is not part of the ERASMUS+ network. The Baden-Württemberg foundation sets a high value on very good academic achievements as well as a high social and intercultural competence.

ERASMUS+ placement programme

Internships with a minimum duration of 60 days and a maximum duration of 360 days can be supported by the ERASMUS+ placement program, as long as they take place in an EU member state, Island, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey or Macedonia. Students as well as graduates may receive the grant. However, you must still be enrolled at university at the time of your application.

Verband der Freunde der Universität Freiburg e.V.

„Support students and promote the university” is the motto of the non-profit association “Verband der Freunde der Universität Freiburg”. It offers grants for students of the University of Freiburg who are planning a short-term stay abroad associated with their bachelor or master thesis. There is also funding for research internships, field trips and the participation at conferences, seminars and Summer Schools.

Further Support

You can find a very broad overview regarding foundations, databases for international scholarships etc at the DAAD’s website.