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Other Options

Shorter, alternative stays abroad are often a good opportunity to get to know a new country, another culture or a foreign university without having to invest an entire semester. Please note, that it is not possible to receive funding for the following programs via the University of Freiburg’s DAAD PROMOS scholarship program.

Language Classes

Learning, improving or deepen a foreign language at a place, where it ist he official language means learning it on many levels. Applying the language does not stop with the classes neither, as you will permanently use it as well as get to know the respective culture. Foreign universities usually offer language classes for various levels. The DAAD offers scholarships for the studies of Asian languages as well as for studying Arabic in Jordan. For graduates, there is a special program called „Sprache und Praxis“ in Japan and China. These programs are a combination of intensive language classes and an internship. An overview over the extensive offers of private providers can be found at the DAAD’s website. You may find further intensive language classes in the course of a Summer School.

Summer Schools / Winter Schools

Summer and Winter Schools are specialised courses, often with an international focus in the summer or winter break, usually lasting between 2 and 6 weeks. Their goal is to bring together high-achieving, interested students from all over the world with qualified lecturers of a certain subject or a certain field. In order to make the students familiar with the language and culture of the respective country as well, there may be offers for language and culture classes and field trips as well. This format also serves as an outstanding chance to network on an international level. With its „Go East“ program, the DAAD offers scholarships for Summer and Winter schools in eastern Europe.

Research Stays

Only few people consider research a topic that can already be addressed during their studies. However, this is possible through various ways and can be funded with grants or scholarships. It is possible to conduct research abroad for a study project or to do a research internship (e.g. through the DAAD-Rise-program).

Field Trips

The University of Freiburg’s guidelines say that field trips are to be seen as study courses conducted at another place. Accordingly, some faculties offer field trips. Next to an extensive list of field trips provided by courses such as geo-sciences, environmental sciences, recent Eastern European history, also the English seminar offers a Shakespeare field trip to Stratford upon Avon on a regular basis. Feel free to contact your faculty directly.

Voluntary Work

A voluntary service is an honorary work stay abroad, which is conducted by various providers, often with a social connection or a connection to development politics. You may find information regarding voluntary work at the different agencies organizing such stays, e.g. weltwärts or kulturweit.

Naturally, there are many other agencies and organizations as well. Their offers vary from social or ecological work up to farm stays, wildlife experiences, archaeological excavation and much more. In a certain range, also work stays may be conducted during your studies, just like Au-Pair-programs, Work & Travel etc. However, the International Office does not offer consultation regarding those topics.