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The variety of offers regarding information and procuration for international internships is almost not manageable. In cooperation other institutions, the DAAD has published an outstanding guideline for finding internships abroad  - unfortunately only in German language.
However, we collected the most important programs and will explain them in English further down. Please be aware, that these are only the programs for which you are not required to have a high level of German or tob e a German citizen. However, if you are a proficient German speaker, please also read the German version of this website, as you may find even more programs suited for your plans.



The abbreviation RISE stands for „Research Internships in Science and Engineering“ and is addressing bachelor students in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, geo-sciences, informatics, medicine, pharmacy and related disciplines. The DAAD-program arranges research internships at universities and research institutions abroad between six weeks and three months during the university summer break. International scientists submit projects, which are being published in a database. The DAAD supports the stay abroad with a scholarship.
Attention: the application deadlines for research placements in Canada may end much earlier than others.

Research Internship in Mexico

Via the country-program for Mexico you have the chance to work at the Insitutio Technologicó de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) in the field of Biotechnology for 2-6 months. The program is issued by the KIT Karlsruhe and is supported by a scholarship.

Internship Contract “Convention de Stage”

Especially for internships in France, an internship contract signed by the intern and the University of Freiburg is required. If you are a student at the Frankreich-Zentrum you can contact the Frankreich-Zentrum itself. Other students can use the bilingual English-French Convention de Stage by the IO. If you submit your current confirmation of enrolment as well, the contract can be signed by the IO.

ZfS module “Praktikum Plus”

Bachelor students who are planning a voluntary self-organised internship of at least four weeks have the chance to acquire additional competences by the ZfS module „Praktikum Plus“ in order to have their stay be recognized as an official academic achievement, provided that the internship is carried out within the course of said module.