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Exchange Spots

The University of Freiburg maintains an active exchange with partner universities and institutions all around the world. Via the central program „University of Freiburg Global Exchange“, the International Office (IO) is placing exchange spots for one or two semesters at universities in North America, Asia (including Russia and Israel), Oceania and South Africa.

Via the European Erasmus+ program, students of the University of Freiburg can study abroad with an exchange related to their subject.
Furthermore, some faculties and institutes have their own international relations, specifically for their subjects. At the University of Freiburg, this is especially the case for the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute for Economic Sciences. We recommend you to approach your faculty directly in order to ask for non-European partnerships.


If you would like to study at a university, that is not part of an exchange program, you can apply as a so-called „international freemover“, „short term student“, „non-degree-student“ etc. The advantages are obvious: The decision about where to go, how long the stay will last and which courses you are going to take is mostly up to you. Disadvantages are on the other hand, that you need to calculate more time and effort for your decision and the planning of your stay. Especially, the recognition of your academic achievements calls for a lot of your own initiative. In most cases, you will also have to pay the regular student fees at your guest university.

You may find help for your initial research in the DAAD’s country information or in the experience reports written by former freemovers. You can find experience reports here or at the DAAD’s website www.studieren-weltweit. If you have any questions, you are welcome to set up an appointment with the IO’s international consultation.

Integrated Stay Abroad and Double Degrees

Many degree programs have one or more stays abroad firmly scheduled in their study regulations. This varies between simple recommendations to spend time abroad, a mobility window or fixed times up to double or multiple degrees. Especially for mobility windows, there is usually a fixed time, or even a fixed semester designated to your stay abroad. Please contact your student coordinator if you have any questions regarding this topic.
In double degree studies, part of your studies will take place at the University of Freiburg and part of it at an international university. You will receive two certificates at the end of your studies. In a Joint-Degree-Program, you will receive one joint certificate. The spots at the international guest university will be supplied by the respective course of studies. You can find information at the central study consultation.

Database of international degree programs

Studies with a degree abroad

If you would like to entirely graduate abroad, please get in touch with the respective universities or the embassies‘ departments of education and culture. The DAAD’s country information may also be of use here.