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Technical Aids Pool

The University of Freiburg keeps technical aids and devices that may be checked out free of charge by students with a disability or chronic illness for use in courses. Teachers with disabled students may also check out the aids and devices to facilitate accessibility to their courses and examinations.

The aids and devices may be checked out for a day or a week at a time. They are kept at the Student Service Center in the office of the Representative for Students with a Disability/Chronic Illness, who is responsible for the lending service. The pool contains the following devices and software:

 Technical Aids for Visual Impairments



Braillex Live Braille notetaker

Input and output in Braille; may be connected to notebooks, tablets, and smartphones

Topolino smart camera system

Adjustable blackboard and projection camera with integrated LED lighting; may be connected to monitors or notebooks

Eickhorst Dialite Flip LED table lamp

Adjustable cold light lamp for anti-glare illumination of projections

HP Probook 17.3" notebook

Windows 10, MS Office, ZoomText, Jaws, Topolino Vox are installed

Zoom Text Magnifier/Reader V10

PC magnification and reading program; magnification up to 60 times; includes language output program

Jaws for Windows Professional

Representation of screen content in speech and Braille

Topolino Vox Software

Reading and text recognition software for the camera


Technical Aids for Hearing Impairments, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum



Phonak Roger Pen

Wireless microphone for improved speech understanding in loud or reverberant environments and over distance; Bluetooth connectivity

Roger My Link

Multi-frequency wireless receiver with inductive neckloop for use in combination with a wireless transmitter; compatible with cochlear implants and hearing aids with  telecoils; may be used without hearing aids with headphones


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