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Studying with a Disability or Chronic Illness


Beginning a course of study, exploring a strange city, acquainting oneself with unfamiliar subjects, taking examinations – these are challenges all new students face when they arrive at the university.

However, students living with a disability or a chronic illness have to put in much greater effort and overcome additional barriers of all kinds on the long path from matriculation to the completion of their degree.
It is the goal of the University of Freiburg to enable students with a disability or a chronic illness to participate in studies and in student life as fully and as independently as possible and to support them with various informational and advising services.

Our services cater to students with mobility, visual, or hearing impairments as well as to students with chronic physical and mental illnesses.
The following pages contain information on the appropriate people to turn to for specific questions and problems, helpful tips, pertinent links and addresses, and advice on legal aspects.